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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Backflow Testing Professional

Come along with us for a day in the life at San Diego Backflow Testing!

I start my day by checking the route that has been scheduled for the day. I quickly look at my truck stock to ensure I have the necessary parts for the day, and then I’m off.

Once I make it to my first stop on my route, I then notify the tenant, homeowner, etc., that I will shut off their water briefly while the test procedure is taking place.

I then identify that I am testing the correct backflow device. I then inspect the backflow, ensuring it is testable and the valves and air compress hookups are working. I then observe the backflow and leaks and install them per the water district requirements.

Once I have done the required inspection, I test the backflow device and record my readings from the gauge. Once completed, I ensure the water is turned back on and that none of the air compressor hookups leak. I submit the readings that I have recorded to the appropriate water district. I continue driving around sunny San Diego County, completing my tasks and ensuring everyone’s water is the safest to my abilities.

Do you know if your water is up to regulations? Give us a call at 877-363-8378 to make an appointment today!

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