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20 Years Experience, Licensed, Backflow Certified, Bonded and Insured

We pride ourselves in our efficiency, quality of service, and fair pricing on backflow installation and backflow repairs. From the first point of contact we take over and do all of the work for you.  The test, repairs, and submitting the paperwork to the water district.  We also follow up to remind you before your annual test is due. 


San Diego Backflow Testing Inc. is committed to keeping you compliant.  By hiring San Diego Backflow Testing you are helping us strive to keep San Diego drinking water safe.    

Backflow Inspection
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Backflow Test
Backflow Repair


Adam has 20 years of experience in the plumbing industry.  He has worked in all plumbing capacities of commercial and residential.  Over the years Adam has built many relationships throughout San Diego in the industry.  When his previous company dissolved he was still receiving calls to install, test and repair backflows. Due to the demand for quality and experience Adam Fulton and Jen Fulton started San Diego Backflow Testing Inc.  Jen runs the business side of SDBT.  She brings her entrepreneur expertise and construction background to the company. 

Backflow Certifications 

American Water Works Association #15002

American Society of Sanitary Engineering #24375

American Backflow Prevention Association  #5-2670

Plumbing C-36 License # 1054091

Member of: American Backflow Prevention Association 

American Backflow Prevention Association
Backflow Prevention
backflow Installation


A device that prevents contaminated water  going back into the main line of clean water 

The undesirable reversal of flow of water or mixtures of water and other liquids, gases or other substances into the distribution pipes of the potable supply of water from any source or sources. 


Back pressure is the result of a higher pressure in the system that in its supply.

Back pressure or back siphonage both cause a cross connection.  Thus contaminating the clean water entering the building. 


Back Siphonage is a result of a supply pressure being lowered below that of the system.  It occurs when a supply is interrupted or drained down.

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