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Certified Apartment Supplier

San Diego Backflow Testing, Inc. is officially a Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS).

The Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) program marks the credential holder as a valued supplier with a deep understanding of the apartment industry. It also provides the credentialed individual with access to the benefits and activities of the local apartment association, as well as allows the holder to engage in the apartment association’s meetings and events.

The CAS program focuses on the following topics:

• Property management systems and their functions, including applicant screening, leasing contracts, and move-ins, rent collection, lease renewal, the move-out process, lease termination, and eviction;

• The resident experience;

• Risk management through inspections, preventative maintenance, safety programs, and documentation;

• Addressing property and environmental hazards as well as crime;

• Conducting financial operations and rectifying underperformance.

• Successful completion of the Supplier Success course;

• Received a Passing score on the 100 question CAS exam.

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