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Navigating Backflow Testing Regulations in San Diego

Backflow testing is crucial to water safety, especially in urban areas like San Diego. Without regular backflow testing, you risk not knowing if your public water supply is contaminated. Navigating the backflow testing regulations in San Diego is key to ensuring safe drinking water and complying with local laws. Here's a quick guide:

Annual Testing: All backflow prevention devices in San Diego must be tested annually. This is essential for keeping the drinking water safe.

Who Needs to Comply: State regulations require that residential, commercial, and industrial customers with a public water connection must install and maintain backflow prevention devices.

Responsibility: Local plumbing inspectors oversee plumbing systems within buildings, while state agencies and water suppliers regulate the water supply connection. Customers are responsible for ensuring their backflow devices are tested and working properly.

Tester Certification: To test backflow assemblies in San Diego, you need certification and licensing from recognized associations like the American Water Work Association or the American Backflow Prevention Association. It is crucial to hire a licensed company, many testers are certified but not licensed.

For specific questions or more details, contact us today. Keeping up with these regulations is crucial for water safety and community health. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and carry all 3 backflow certifications! We are a one stop shop! We test, we install and we repair all backflow devices. No middle man, we can service all of your backflow needs. Reach out today at 877-363-8378.

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