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When should kids learn about getting a job?

Do you remember your first job? Did you love it? Hate it? Either way I am sure you remember it. The first time I worked for something and received money in return was a big deal. This opened my eyes to so much possibility. Learning there was no limit as long as you work hard enough to earn it. At a young age I quickly realized that if I did a decent job I would get paid. If I did a better than expected job, I would get paid more. And if i did the most quality work, I would get all the jobs! So, I figured if I am spending the time working anyways I might as well maximize my return. As a teenager it sounded more like "if I work harder I can get the name brand jeans and not the Mervin's brand". You get the idea!

Adam and I (Jen) of San Diego Backflow Testing, Inc. started our company on the same basic principals as we teach our own children today. This is what we tell the kids. If you run into them, feel free to quiz them.

1. Do your job with Pride

2. If it isn't done right the first time, do it again

3. Do not complain about having work, its a privilege. To enjoy the benefits of the house, you must contribute to the house.

4. Be respectful

Teaching them at a young age (we hope :)) will help them when they enter the job market. Skills can be learned over time, but our core values and principals can be applied to any job.

Here are the kids volunteering at the Little League snack bar. They were eager to help, and had a fun time working together. What they didn't realize is how much they learned while having such a great time. The worked on their customer service skills, their math skills, team building, and quality control (someone had to make sure those nachos were fresh)! They had so much fun, they can't wait to do it again.

Doing something you love, and helping people at the same time is the most rewarding job.

At San Diego Backflow Testing, Inc. we are passionate about keeping San Diego water clean. One backflow test, repair, and installation at a time. Please share our story with others and join us in our mission to #keepsdwaterclean

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